In four years all of you will begin the college admissions process. You will tour campuses and go to information sessions. You will hear common themes along the way:

  • we have a low student-faculty ratio
  • we don’t have large lecture classes
  • we have small classes, which enable students to be more engaged with their professors
  • we offer opportunities for students to do independent study
  • we believe in distance learning and collaborative projects
  • we encourage students to take leadership roles on campus
  • we want our students to make connections and life-long friendships
  • we prepare students to think critically and develop 21st century learning skills
The question we posed at Westchester: why wait four more years for what educators universally agree are the best tools for success? Doesn’t logic dictate that we should start the very same process when students are younger and in their formative years of learning? We think it does. That is why we provide three levels of instruction for each and every subject, with the ability to freely move up or down at any point in the year. That is why we have smaller classes and why we have developed unique programs and experiences for our students. These include:
Thank you all so much for all you did to guide me through my years at WHHS; I wouldn’t be who I am today if it wasn’t for all of you.”   ---Alumnus, Class of 2011

WHHS Scholars Program

Every year, WHHS recruits top academic students based upon the recommendations of their middle school, their character, academic record, diverse interests and commitment to Judaism. These students receive individual financial scholarships, and participate as a group in special workshops and programs.

The Mechina Program

This program is geared towards students with little or limited day school backgrounds and/or Hebrew language skills.  The goal of this two year program is to integrate students into regular Judaic Studies classes, although some may transition even earlier. Students are taught conversational and grammatical Hebrew language, as well as the fundamentals of Judaism, and its study and practice.

21st Century Learning

WHHS has introduced a new STEM initiative that offers students experience in design and problem-solving through 3D printing while building their science, technology, engineering and math skills.  This year students will work with a design template and create prosthetic hands for individuals in need.  

The EDGE Program

Each student is given the opportunity to develop a unique course of study based on his or her own individual passions and interests, culminating in an EDGE Project by the end of junior year. This enables students to discover and hone their talents, develop their personal leadership style, stand out as unique college applicants, and to learn how to make their future educational and career experiences more meaningful.

The Learning Center

The WHHS Learning Center faculty members provide qualified students with substantive academic support. The Mamaroneck School District also works with individual students who have and Individualized Education Program. We do not place students in a named program or have them miss regular classes to take extended time on exams. Rather, support periods are built into each student’s personal schedule, thereby alleviating stresses and social issues that might otherwise arise.

Academic Affiliations

Qualified students may take elective courses through Virtual High School or the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth. Some of the classes our students have enjoyed include Constitutional Law, Engineering, Art History, Poetry Writing, and Entrepreneurship.  This year Mr. Theodore Darst has joind our team as our artist-in-residence.

Advanced Torah Study

Qualified students may apply for our special program in Torah studies, where they will study individually with a member of our rabbinic staff and delve more deeply into their Judaic studies curricular coursework. Selected students will receive individual financial scholarships.

Chessed & Israel Activism

Westchester students are taught from the moment they enter our building to advocate for themselves, their country, and Israel.  We participate in organized rallies both in Westchester County and New York City when Judaism is challenged and anti-Semitism rears its ugly head. We send students to AIPAC and Panim-el-Panim, both in Washington, D.C. where they meet with government officials to learn about politics and lobbying.

Beyond Classroom Walls

We take advantage of our waterfront setting and conduct environmental programs with educators from the Maritime Aquarium of Norwalk. Guest speakers include the founders of SpaceIL, Alan Veingrad, the only Jewish NFL player with a Super Bowl ring, and our own alumni serving in the IDF. We have visited West Point and met with the Jewish Chaplain, sponsored Holocaust Memorial Programs for the Westchester community, and attend the Jewish War Veterans Memorial Service annually.  We have held workshops on Israeli society and politics and hosted a group of trauma social workers from the Negev region for a meaningful Yom Hazikaron program.  Our Drama Society works with a professional screenwriter to script and then perform their own original play.
These are just some of the opportunities that await you now—not four years from now! These are the experiences that give our students the Westchester advantage!
Westchester Hebrew High School is the only Modern Orthodox, co-educational high school in Westchester County, New York serving students from New York City, Riverdale, Connecticut, Westchester, Rockland, Queens, and New Jersey. We embrace the individuality of each student and provide three academic tracks for every Judaic and General Studies course offered.
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