IDF Vets Share Their Experiences

Oren Or Biton shared how over his objection, his commander insisted on entering the site of what intelligence had shown to be a terrorist cell. His commander died on entry. Oren spent years feeling isolated and depressed, not knowing how to handle his feelings. He finally realized that he had psychological injuries that he had never addressed, namely PTSD. With treatment, he returned to the life he had previously envisioned, marrying and having four children. He now devotes his life to sharing his story and encouraging others to be aware of their emotional, as well as physical traumas.
Dror Zicherman was also injured physically in battle, but much more seriously. He lost a leg and required years of medical treatment and physical therapy. While that part of him healed, he strained to find happiness in his life, until he realized that his psychological state was never treated. He, too, suffered from PTSD. He wears a piece of the shrapnel that was removed during one of his many surgeries on a chain around his neck. As he told us, what was once inside of him, is and will always be a part of his body.