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Clubs & Activities

Students may participate in a wide array of existing clubs.  There is truly something for everyone.  Best of all, if you can't find it...create it.  Our clubs and activities are student-driven and provide students with opportunities to become involved, to make a difference and to take on leadership roles.
The administration and faculty of WHHS is available to help create the right mix of activities for students and we do our best to ensure that you find a way to get involved in the activities that most interest you.

Better Together

Members of the Better Together Club visit with senior citizens at the Mt. Vernon senior program sponsored by the Westchester Jewish Community Services throughout the school year.  Students and seniors share lunch, play cards, participate in a 'chairobics' class, share their family stories and celebrate Jewish holidays, in a warm and caring atmosphere. 

Chessed Club

The Chessed Club addresses the needs of those in the neighboring communities who need a little extra help in their daily lives. From packing and delivering new years bags to sorting donations for storm relief, the Chessed Club does everything with a big smile. 

Dance Club

A dance troupe meets weekly to choreograph and practice three dance routines which they perform at a New York City dance competition in March.

Drama Society

The Drama Club is open to all students who show an interest in the performing arts.  Performances are held annually and have included: 'The Odd Couple,' 'Rumors,' A Few Good Men,' and 'Lend Me a Tenor.'

Some years, the Drama Society has undertaken the task of writing an original play which they perform during the spring semester.  The fun begins after the Chagim when our writing team first meets and decides on a theme and maps out the flow of the storyline.  Once the script is completed and actors are casted, the challenge faced by each of our budding actors is to develop their characters and work together to breathe life into their unique and original creation.

In addition to writers and actors, WHHS students also volunteer to be part of the stage crew, working backstage, building sets, painting scenery and coordinating props and costumes.

Israel Advocacy Club

The Israel Advocacy Club is a student group whose main goal is to promote advocacy on behalf of The State of Israel by educating its members and the entire student body on the history of the State as well as on current events.  The goal is to teach students how to properly advocate the case for Israel and to prepare students for leadership roles in Israel advocacy on campus.  

Music Society

The Music Society is a group of talented young musicians who bring music to WHHS. They will perform several times throughout the year at various school functions. By participating, students learn to listen to each other and work together to experience the sheer joy of music. Students are exposed to many styles of music, making participation in the society an enjoyable learning experience.

Ping Pong Club

Test your ping pong skills and find opponents who have a shared love for this timeless game! 

Programming Club

Members of the programming club meet to learn and practice computer science concepts and programming in a variety of common languages.  Students work together to solve complex problems, trading solutions and programming tips along the way.

Recycling Club

The main objective of the Recycling Club is to raise awareness and instill recycling habits in students and staff.  Club members encourage students to recycle, placing bins in hallways and all classrooms.  Club members plan awareness activities to help improve our environmental footprint.  Their motto:  "Saving the earth one water bottle at a time!"

Stock Market and Finance Club

Members of the Stock Market and Finance Club have the opportunity to learn about the world of business, investment and stocks. Students research and choose a stock portfolio which they follow throughout the school year. They discuss their investments with fellow club members and invite guest speakers to talk about investments, financial markets and the business world.

The Open Book

The Open Book, the WHHS Literary Magazine, serves as a vehicle for our students to express their original voice and showcase their creative talents. Our writers, poets, artists and photographers have stepped up and with the encouragement of editor Rachelle Guy and guidance of Mrs. Daniela Rosenblatt have produced two volumes of original writing and artwork.