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Our Language Department immerses students in the language, as well as the culture and history behind the language.  Our teachers, using printed texts and multimedia tools, emphasize basic skills in the four integral areas of language acquisition - aural comprehension, speaking, reading and writing.  Students develop a solid foundation of vocabulary and a working knowledge of essential grammar while learning to speak and understand the language.  As students progress, they develop their ability to read, analyze and discuss literary works, contemporary texts and films, all of which provide a window into the culture behind the language.

Spanish I

This is an introductory program designed to make the study of Spanish an enjoyable and rewarding experience.  Students learn four basic skills: listening (understanding), reading, speaking, and writing. Students also explore Hispanic Culture. By the end of ninth grade, studnts master the present tense, regular and irregular verbs, weather expressions, telling time, articles of clothing, parts of the body and idiomatic expressions.  Students will be able to talk and write about themselves, their home and their school.  Through textbook work, supplementary readings, and projects, students gain an appreciation of the language, life, history, geography, and culture of Spanish-speaking people.

Spanish II

In Spanish II, students broaden their level of accomplishment in the four basic skills, and master the preterite, imperfect, future and conditional tenses. Students are required to read short stories, answer questions about the reading and write short compositions, using the vocabulary from the stories. These techniques enhance the students’ performance in all basic language skills. Other points of grammar taught are commands, object pronouns, reflexive verbs, demonstrative adjectives and pronouns.

Spanish III

Third year Spanish directs attention to conversational Spanish.  Reading comprehension, composition in Spanish and “pleasure reading” help to improve skills as well. Students are taught to recognize compound tenses, subjunctive pronouns and double object pronouns. Idioms and useful phrases are introduced and practiced.