StandWithUs Soldiers

We had the honor of hosting IDF soldiers Keren and Tom, members of the 2017 StandWithUs Israeli Soldiers' Tour.  They spoke with out students about the facts on the ground in Israel and their real life experiences as IDF soldiers.  

Keren is 24 years old and is  studying politics and government at Ben Gurion University.  She made Aliyah on her own at the age of 16.  Following high school, she enlisted in the IDF and served as a basic training commander.  She understands the importance of standing up for Israel and Israel advocacy.  She encouraged our students to learn as much as they can about the topic and to be advocates for Israel wherever life takes them.

Tom is 30 years old.  He is a Bedouin Muslim from the village of Bir al-Maksur in northern Israel.  He volunteered to serve in the IDF and drafted into the Iron Dome unit of the Israeli Air Force.  After a number of different jobs and educational experiences, he decided to get a degree in Law, Government, and Management at the Academic College for Science and Law.  He also works for Acharai (“Follow Me”), a non-profit organization that prepares teenagers for their military service, and guides them to be more socially involved and responsible.  Tom stressed the importance for standing up for what we know is correct even if it is not the popular opinion.  For more information, watch this video:
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