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Teach NYS 2021

Seven of our students had the rare opportunity to experience government in action.  They were a part of the annual Teach NYS Mission to Albany, although this year, it was a virtual experience.  Our students first heard presentations from state legislators.  Then, they had a private audience with the legislative assistant to State Senator Jamaal Bailey, and afterwards with Assembly member Pamela Hunter.  Using the knowledge that they had gained on the issues and why state funding to private, religious schools is both constitutional and necessary, they advocated for the need for state support of our school in three specific areas:  STEM instruction, security, and COVID-related expenses. Both state representatives commended our students for their substantive knowledge and preparedness.  Do we have future lobbyists among us? 

Yom Hashoah Ve'Hagevurah 5781


We were privileged to have our former Head of School, Rabbi Boruch Majerowicz, address the entire school on Yom HaShoah Ve’Hagevurah.  He shared his personal story of his Holocaust experience, vividly recalling every detail.

Rabbi Majerowicz was born in Lyon, France, during the Shoah.  When he was only two years old, his parents, observant Jews preparing for the worst as the Nazis began rounding up Jewish families, brought him to a local convent, where the kindness of nuns sustained him. 

Both of his parents ended up at Auschwitz.  His father was murdered shortly after arrival, leaving his young mother a widow in a freezing camp without clothing or blankets or an actual meal to eat on any given day.  Miraculously, his mother survived, and over the years, shared her experience at the camp, with all its horror to her beloved son.   

When asked by one of our students if he had visited Auschwitz, Rabbi Majerowicz responded that he literally could not set his feet on ground that is made up of the ashes of the millions of Jews who were killed there.

The crucial message that Rabbi Majerowicz left us with is our duty to never forget the Gevurah, the resistance of the survivors and their commitment to rebuild and live Jewish lives.



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Westchester Hebrew High School

is the only Modern Orthodox, co-educational high school in Westchester County,

New York, serving students from Connecticut, Manhattan, Queens, Riverdale, Rockland and Westchester.  We embrace the individuality of each student and provide three academic tracks for every Judaic and General Studies course offered.