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Welcome - ברוכים הבאים

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It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to Westchester Hebrew High School (WHHS). As the Head of School, I proudly continue our 50-year-old tradition of a unique educational opportunity that combines a first-class rigorous Modern Orthodox education with a boutique high school advantage that allows us to take each student further down their own, individualized path to success.


Our size enables our faculty to cultivate each and every student as an individual, both on campus and off. Not only do I oversee our talented teachers; I am involved in all aspects of both the General Studies and Judaic Curricula. As I walk the halls of our school, I know not only the names and faces of each student, but also their hopes and dreams. This would be impossible at a larger, cookie-cutter school where students sadly often come second to glitz and glamour. 

I and my dedicated staff have a deep respect for each students' unique contributions to our community and we are committed to helping them shatter every glass ceiling they once saw as a cap to their potential. As head of school, I personally oversee the progress of each student. This encompasses academic success, but goes far beyond what can be analyzed through reports and grades alone.

Whether your child starts out as an academic super-star, a first-class athlete, or a Yeshiva prodigy – Westchester Hebrew High School has the resources to take them further and faster them possible elsewhere. And we are proud that the combination of caring faculty and a student body that truly invests in one another helps students come out of their shells and stretch in ways they might not have attempted at another school. 


Westchester Hebrew High School is a true מקום תורה ועבודה. Every day we strive to ignite the spiritual sparks within our students. We foster each of our students' religious growth and Middot (virtues) through the study of Torah, a commitment to Mitzvot and through acts of Chessed (service). Our entire school is inculcated with a love for and appreciation of Am Yisrael and Medinat Yisrael, the People of Israel and the State of Israel.

Our faculty and I take this deeply to heart and follow the same path. As a Rabbi, I encourage teachers to work with one another, with me, and to continue their own Jewish growth and learning. 


Our teachers and coaches foster the same excellence in themselves that they draw out of our students. Our teachers have taken home such prestigious awards and distinctions as the Westchester County Teacher of the Year Award, the Young Pioneer in Jewish Education Award from the Jewish Education Project, and have been granted a distinguished Lookstein Center Fellowship. 

The faculty's commitment to reach higher and further is contagious to our student body and to all of us as a team. Our teachers enthusiastically share their knowledge with me and their colleagues and every year our programs improve, giving our students the benefit of the latest pedagogic practices and academic philosophies.


Here at Westchester Hebrew High School we have proven that no student can start so high that their gifts cannot be unlocked even further. We our also immensely proud to see that no student is too shy or dispirited that they cannot blossom under individual attention that is at once compassionate and challenging. 


After 50 years honing the WHHS model of education, we can say with full confidence that every student can, and should, distinguish him or herself at the high school level. This instills a confidence that lasts a lifetime and also makes our students some of the most competitive prospects for colleges and yeshivas both in the United States, Israel and internationally. 


Our students find they simply must take on leadership roles, but that there is a place and an area where each can play to their strengthens and shore up their weaknesses.  Whether in the Mock Trial courtroom, on stage or on the playing field; whether collaborating with Binghamton University or creating transcontinental connections with the ZIS School in China; whether in taking on leadership roles on campus or going out into the greater community as knowledgeable and fierce advocates for the State of Israel – each and every WHHS student finds they can do more and go further than they dreamed possible because here at Westchester Hebrew High School they have room to do so. These are opportunities that larger schools with bigger classes and less spots for students on co-curricular activities and teams simply cannot provide.



If you are a prospective student or parent considering WHHS, my door is always open for conversation about why I have grown to love Westchester Hebrew High School and its remarkable effect upon students. I look forward to meeting you soon.

Rabbi Jeffrey Beer

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