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Academic Teams


College Bowl

WHHS students who possess knowledge in a wide range of content areas enjoy competing on the WHHS College Bowl Team. Students hold weekly practices and participate in four meets annually.They are coached and encouraged by faculty adviser, Mrs. Gail Mahler.

Math Team
The WHHS math team is comprised of students with an exceptional grasp of mathematics. Students meet throughout the school year to challenge themselves and prepare for competitions.

Model United Nations
A select group of students, chosen based on their written and oral presentations on current affairs, form the WHHS Model UN team. The team meets weekly in preparation for a number of Model UN competitions throughout the year, including YUNMUN, a three day national convention and HESCHMUN.

Torah Bowl
Torah Bowl is a highly competitive contest in which students study specific books of Torah and Navi, along with Rashi’s commentaries. Each team consists of nine students, four of whom play at a time. There are round robin quizzes with updates of team standings followed by play offs and the final “world series” championship.


Mock Trial
One of the most popular and competitive clubs at Westchester Hebrew High School, Mock Trial participants compete against other private and public schools in Westchester County. The winning schools progress to state-wide competition with a championship round held in the state capital of Albany, New York.


Chess Team

The WHHS Chess Team meets weekly to practice and improve strategies in preparation for regularly scheduled Chess meets with other yeshiva high school teams.

Debate Team 

Debate Team members, chosen based on their performance in tryouts, are vigorously trained in the skills of organization, presentation and research. Students participate in debate competitions that are held throughout the year.

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