DO IT to:

  • provide a yeshiva high school education for all, regardless of means

  • expand opportunities in the arts, including music, drama, and dance

  • further real-world learning experiences through internships and mentoring programs

  • enhance enrichment programs, including the WHHS Scholars Track

  • develop additional Learning Center resources

  • broaden extra-curricular experiences

  • prepare students academically, socially, and personally for life after high school

  • cultivate tomorrow's leaders

With Your Help WHHS is Going Places!

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donate now v.jpg
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Ultramarathon: $100,000

Marathon: $75,000

Half Marathon: $50,000

10k: $25,000

5k: $18,000

Sprint: $10,000

Relay: $5,000

Trek: $3,600

Hike: $1,800

Dash: $1,000

Dart: $500

Jog: $250

Walk: $180

Stroll: $100