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Westchester Hebrew High School is a vibrant and diverse learning community. We are a Modern Orthodox, co-educational high school serving students of all religious backgrounds from the tri-state area.  Our size and low student-teacher ratios are strategically geared to provide a uniquely personal and educational experience for every student. Our goal is making Torah and dedication to the State of Israel essential and relevant to our students’ everyday lives, while providing an enriching academic experience in Judaic and General Studies which readies them for the world that awaits them. 

Our mission is achieved by:

  • Maintaining a learning community with a foundation steeped in a “culture of kindness” that ensures mutual respect, encouragement, and support of one another

  • Innovative academic programming designed to enable students to freely move from level to level at any time and in any subject

  • The Ikarim Program, which ensures that students leave high school with a solid core of knowledge of the tenets and nuances of Judaism

  • Providing small student-teacher ratios that spur creativity, confidence, leadership and preparedness, the essential skills necessary for success in college and in life

  • Incorporating the values of Chesed, Mitzvot and Middot into our core curriculum, emphasizing personal responsibility to ourselves, our school, and our community 

Westchester Hebrew High School takes pride in knowing that we have taken a part in producing generations of students who readily accept their responsibilities to the world-at-large as both Americans and Jews.


תורה   ∙  כבוד  ∙  מדינת ישראל  ∙  מידות  ∙  קהילה  ∙  חסד

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