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Westchester Hebrew High School remains committed to academic excellence through relevant, innovative, context-based learning. We offer a rigorous course of study; three tracks of dual curriculum learning enable each student to achieve his/her personal best.

Teachers work collaboratively to integrate a curriculum that combines academic knowledge, critical reflection, and college preparedness. Students participate in projects that combine, for example, the study of general history with that of Jewish history, or the study of science with the addition of an Halachic perspective.

WHHS integrates academics with real world scenarios as well, through Tikkum Olam, repairing the world.  Our students are encouraged to take what they learn in the classroom and become active members of the community beyond our school walls.  WHHS students are leaders, participating in rallies, organizing seminars, attending lectures, leading symposia, and volunteering in our local community in an effort to integrate their academic experience with the outside world.

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