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Diehl III, Mr. David


David Diehl III joined the WHHS family in 2021. He has Bachelor of Arts degrees in Political Science and in Philosophy and Religion, and he is working towards his Master’s in Secondary Education for Social Studies. He teaches Global History, American History, and United States Government and Politics at WHHS. David believes that understanding the world of the past is an essential part of understanding the world as it is now. One of his greatest joys as a teacher is to trace the lineage of the ideas and institutions that we take for granted today and to help his students to see how the world as they know it was forged and refined in the furnace of history. He believes that history allows one to simultaneously see the worst and the best of humanity—the fallible human nature that leads human beings again and again into destruction and evil, but also the heroes who rose above the times they lived in and changed the world for the better. David’s foremost goal as an educator is to broaden his students’ view of the world, and he knows of no better way to accomplish that than through history.


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